Enjoying Nuru Me...




Pro Tips From Nuru Me:

  • As with any full body massage, you'll want to be sure you're warm and comfortable throughout, so turn up the temperature of the room you're preparing for your Nuru Massage experience. 

  • A hot shower before your Nuru Massage will not only help to ensure you're clean and fresh for the erotic experience but also help to warm your skin leading you into the mood for pleasure.  

  • For a full body Nuru Massage on your bed, using our Waterproof Nuru Dreams bedsheets is recommended. Nuru Me Massage Gel is water-based and does not stain, so it is easily cleaned from bedding with soap and water.  

  • Nuru Me Massage Gel will wash off bodies easily with soap and water in a shower or bath. While our gel is never sticky or tacky, it will dry on the skin when left to sit without motion. With this in mind, a bit of extra care should be exercised when getting into a shower after your Nuru Massage as the slippery gel re-activates when in contact with water.

  • Nuru Me Massage Gel can be used for many types of massage, both sensual and therapeutic. Nuru Me may used as personal lubrication during your erotic massage as it is both latex and silicone toy friendly. 

  • Nuru Me Massage Gel should be pre-made and be stored in the closed container of your choice to use in a more "on demand" role. Travel size silicone squeeze bottles are a popular choice when preparing Nuru Me for later use. 

  • Store Nuru Me packets in a cool and dry place. Clip or tape envelopes closed once opened when saving for multiple uses, thereby avoiding exposure to moisture when storing.