Nuru Me Love Stories & Testimonials

 Nuru Me has enjoyed receiving quite an assortment of letters and responses from our clientele over time and would like to take the opportunity to share a collection of our best-loved with you.
We invite you to please, continue to explore and send your stories with permission for us to share. 



May, 2017

"I was lucky, my first Nuru experience was given to me when the ladies at Nuru Me first began sending out samples.

I wasn’t seeking out a shake-up in my erotic journey.  I wasn’t looking for a more "natural, all-encompassing lubricant alternative".  I wasn’t on a journey for a sexual experience that would prove to be smoother than air, slicker than water and the new pinnacle of my most personal sexual fantasy.  

But that's exactly what I discovered in Nuru Me.

The skin benefits (it left me baby soft); the easy clean-up (it is NOT oil-based) ended up being the proverbial cherries on top of this sexy sundae.  

These benefits made me feel even better about totally losing myself in this absolutely singular experience.  The Nuru Me lube itself is unlike anything I’ve ever come across, it is tasteless, odorless and to my great shock… not sticky at all.  In fact, it is the slickest substance I’ve ever come across, much less covered my entire body in.  One only has to add hot water to the white powder to make this totally unique massage lube, which means the temperature and concentration of it is totally in the hands of the persons using it.

Once my beautiful partner applied the Nuru Me Lube to me, herself and the air mattress she provided, the sexual laws of physics I had come to understand no longer applied.  I would have to embrace the idea of loose control or I would lose control.  Usually, when I’m with a woman, I anchor myself to the bed with my knees, my feet and/or my hands and I grab a hold of her with whatever else is left available.  The Nuru experience collapses all of this because of how incredibly slick it is.  What anchors you from sliding right off the mattress (an experience I was told about so luckily didn’t experience myself) is being aware of your center of gravity and holding on to your partner.  

Initially, I just laid back and let my host use me as an anchor, which has an obvious attraction.  All I had to do was stay stiff (haha) and she pushed and pulled her naked body up and down my feet, legs, body, shoulders, head and everywhere else in between.  She gave me a full head to toe massage using her body weight and it was the sexiest thing I’ve felt in my entire life.  Words simply can’t do justice to the sensation of every inch of your body suddenly being accessible to every inch of someone else’s body.  

After gaining some confidence in how to move around (mostly gently pulling and pushing myself across the mattress while prone) I let her be my anchor.  In this more dominant position, I realized the opportunity for new positions I’d never thought of, along with a variety of new areas on both of our body’s we could explore together.  

Sensationally, the experience was so completely erotic and new that all practical matters left my thinking until we finished, and so I was pleasantly surprised that the clean-up was simple and easy.  A towel on the floor was enough to get me to the shower where the salt-based Nuru Me lube washed off easily and any that got on the floor was wiped up quickly with a towel.  While the convenient and eco-nature of the product gives me a guilt-free excuse to use it again, if I’m being honest I won't be needing any excuses to come back for more.

With Pleasure,

Mr. C"


January, 2018

"I had a great experience with Nuru Me, and I wanted to share my story as a review for others who might be curious.

I had never had a nuru massage before and my lover and I were excited to try what we were told was an "intimate and sensual massage" as a part of an upcoming threesome with a lifestyle friend of ours from Japan who recommended we get into the experience.

She explained to me the preparation, and it was easy. Just mixing the powder with warm water made a bowl of a cloudy warm gel that cleared and became a bit thicker after a few minutes passed. She dipped my hands into the bowl of Nuru Me and after a bit of exploration, I was shocked to find the gel has no fragrance or taste. While it washed off my hands very easily, it was so slippery on my body that once we started to play, I really never wanted it to come off.

The three of us took a warm shower before our friends drizzled the gel over her breasts and body and showed me how to perform a few specific moves of this literal full body massage. This was quite sexy and seductive to watch, her gliding naked all over my male lover with such slippery grace. She was lying down on his back and sliding her chest and thighs on up and down his back and legs. I joined them and moved my body against his back and shoulders as well and hoped it was as good for him as it was for me.

The slippery gel enhanced the feeling of our skin touching one another and helped us relax and slide into a sexy full body massage before exploring our night together further. The bowl of Nuru Me became our favorite thing to bring into so many of our intimate moments together this night. I was so surprised by how the gel never became sticky, and how only a little bit of moisture was needed to keep the slippy fun going.

My lover and I continue to use smaller amounts of Nuru Me in our bedroom fun as a lube, we especially love how it doesn't stain our bedding. The fact that this magic powder is packaged in such a small and discreet envelope is not only cute, but convenient. At first, we made as much as we needed for a specific playtime and kept the rest of the Nuru Me powder stored to mix later. Now we make a good sized batch and keep it in a silicone squeeze bottle for easy access!

We haven't done a full Nuru Massage session since the first time we were introduced to Nuru Me, but I have that planned as a very special night set for just the two of us again soon.

With love,

- A.Y."


June 2017

"My wife and I have been learning about various types of healing massage. I suffer from migraines and she has a job that requires a lot of standing. Some of the problems we have encountered in exploring massage are lotions and gels that have too strong a scent, cause an allergic relation, dry too fast or leave a residue.

We started looking into nuru massage because it seemed more exotic than your average rub down session.   

The gel itself was remarkable. It came in a powder that you mix with warm water. Even a gram of it made what seemed like a gallon of gel. So very easy to store and take with when traveling. The resulting gel was very slick and surprisingly unscented. I personally really liked that. My wife and I experimented and found that the massage lube was like a natural moisturizer and even if it dried…adding a little water brought back an incredible slickness that is hard to describe. Very sensual is what immediately comes to mind due to my personal experience.

In terms of the actual massage…it is best to massage a person using large areas of yourself! Like your chest, back and even hands. The more surface contact the better!!! Very relaxing. And body warmth definitely helps relax muscles. It feels so different from the massages that focus on poking and prodding in a painful manner that is exhausting for the receiver and the giver.

One thing we experienced is that it is important to prepare for the massage ahead of time. We happened to have an old slip and slide inflatable mattress and it worked very well. We also tried a plastic sheet over a bed…and that worked ok but was not as fun as the inflatable. I was concerned the gel would get everywhere..but it tends to pool around your body because body weight makes the surface concave. As such…it was fairly easy to clean up and manage.

One thing I would advise is always to try and have two to three points of your body touching the ground so you can control your movements easiest. For example, I would massage her back with my chest and I would have a knee on one side and use my two hands on the other side of her. Most of my weight would be on her back with my chest…so this wasn’t a lot of pressure on my hands and knees. But this gave me the ability to move across her back smoothly. Very fun!

In the end, I guess I can sum things up that this is a great experience for couples. Relaxing and easy. Fun and exciting. And the gel was great on the skin. It really is amazing stuff! Try it!