Nuru Me

Premium Nuru Massage Gel

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Nuru Me brings the worlds most slippery, sexy and seductive erotic massage experience directly to you. Compact, discreet and easily customizable. Simply add warm water, and the silky pleasures that lie within each packet of Nuru Me, are yours. 

Nuru Me is Premium Nuru Massage Gel, in the most delicate white powder form available, sourced directly from Japan. Mixing Nuru Me powder with warm water creates a water-based, latex safe, non-staining, fragrance and flavor free Nuru Gel within minutes. 

Available in 2.5g packets,  Nuru Me introduces the power to customize your relationship with Nuru as a massage lube in any way you wish. Using as much, or as little as you prefer, Nuru Me beckons you to explore the ways in which you can bring the pleasures of the slippery Nuru Massage experience into your most simple or elaborate of amorous fantasies. 

When seeking a full, more traditional Nuru Massage experience, using one 2.5g Nuru Me packet is recommended. Smaller amounts of Nuru Me powder can be used for more intimate, personal explorations lending multiple uses from a single Nuru Me packet.

More information on use is available here.